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April Headteacher blog – Slightly weird Easter holiday

Firstly, I love my job. If I was 18 again and looking for a career-I would still be a teacher. I taught for about 20 years in various different schools, in Australia and the UK and in every age group. I have always really loved my job. I know that it’s a bit of a cliché but I really love the positive relationship that I always had with my class, with their parents and with other staff within the school.

Four years ago, I made the move from being a class teacher in a much loved school to a Head teacher in a small rural primary. I remember that Easter holiday well; 4 years ago, leaving my Year 6 class, with incredible feelings of guilt only 2 weeks to go before SATS. Would they be ok without me? Would I be ok without them? They were and I am- I still love my job.

I spent the two weeks of that holiday without anything to do. I didn’t have keys for my new school, couldn’t access the computer system and had no marking or planning to do for the class I had left. It was a really very weird feeling. As much as I loved my job, I also loved the holidays but this one just felt strange.

I spent most of it planning what I was going to wear on my first day. For the interview, I had bought a new shirt and inadvertently left the tag on it for all to see whilst leading a whole school assembly in front of everyone. Luckily, the lovely Vicar pointed it out and red-faced, I quickly put my jacket back on! I didn’t want to make the same mistake again.

Fortunately, dress code intact, I survived my first day, week, term, year and now 4 years on I am back having a slightly weird Easter holiday. My holidays in between have consisted of spending amazing times with my family in far off places in the world as well as enjoying simply being at home. I just love everyone being home together, no packed lunches to make or clubs to rush to. I spend time getting fit again during my holidays with great determination to keep it up during term time too. I really love my job in the holidays!

I also work some of the time. I spent one Christmas Eve sat in our brand new school waiting for the BT engineer to come and connect our Broadband. He eventually arrived but didn’t know how to connect up! I didn’t really love my job that day. Other times have been spent clearing my in box, tidying my office, writing reports that I’m not convinced anyone actually read and generally catching up on what should have already been done and forward planning.

This Easter has just felt a bit different. My children are older and don’t want to come and feed the ducks or play in the park anymore but they do still want feeding and ferrying around. My last term was hard work and I felt like I was working and thinking faster than ever before. I still loved it and buzzed but it has taken me longer to slow down this holiday than normal. I have struggled more to leave work behind and enjoy relaxing. I am getting there and heading off tonight to the South coast with my family will speed up the slowing down process!

Is working hard a problem? At the moment, for me – I don’t think so because I am happy and fulfilled. As I said- I really do love my job. #bestjobever


Lisa Dadds,

Headteacher, St Anne’s Church Academy

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