Well being

It’s off to work we go

Recently @workingSBM2017 in a tweet, compared herself to Maleficent, the evil Fairy in Sleeping Beauty.  She was referring to her SBL role rather than all the other roles in her life, at least that is what I am hoping.  This twitter conversation took place at the beginning of a one week break with my boys (hubby and two teenage sons), so I was able to reflect on it.  As I slowed down during the week and spent more time with my family than I have done since Christmas, I started thinking how rare it was that we are all sat in the same room together and better still that our good moods and emotions have been in alignment, which in turn quite nicely prolongs the feeling of everyone wanting to be together.  Yes, we are only ever one Dad joke away from a roll of the eyes, but without doubt it’s been a lovely week.

Right now, I’m surrounded by three of the seven Dwarfs, Hubby is Sleepy, E is Grumpy and revising and L is Dopey and watching Netflix.  And I am Happy.  I’m also fighting off being Sneezy (see earlier blog re Endoftermitus).  I also know I’m mixing the fairy tales – Sleeping Beauty featuring evil fairy Maleficent, completely different from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, but heigh hoe (!) this is how reflection works, you explore ideas in the safety of your own head and go off at tangents.

So why do I have such a spring in my step? Why am I whistling to myself? Well I’m hoping the hardest Term 4 ever is well and truly behinpexels-photo-793785.jpegd me as we converted and join a MAT on 1/4/18.  Term 5 will allow me to concentrate and enjoy the formal working with my fellow SBLs from within the MAT, which currently consists of two secondaries and two primaries.  I’m also hoping to reduce my tendency to be a Grumpy SBL, by eating #SBMLunch regularly, now we have our own St Anne’s Catering Crew.

Soon, I will have a Governors meeting, oh no, it will be an Academy Council Meeting, despite the name change I’m sure I will still feel like a Dopey SBL the next day – you know the feeling of a hangover but without the joy of a night out with your mates.  I’m also going to try and get my work/life balance back on track and do some exercise as I’m sure this will make me a Happy SBL.  A Term of predominately sitting at my desk, eating giant chocolate buttons means my Fitbit thinks it has been forgotten about and fallen out of fashion already and my knicker elastic is wondering what it ever did so wrong to be put under this amount of pressure.

Anyway, looking after myself will obviously reduce the likelihood of Sneezy SBL putting in an appearance.  Maybe I should start running? I am quite amazed at the number of SBLs who run, I’m sure if @ISBL_news were to create a Venn diagram of SBL interests outside of school, they would have a big circle for all the SBL runners.  Of course, some of these would overlap with the equally wide circle of SBL G&T drinkers – hello to you and glad to be in your gang!  Surely, I’m not alone in being Sleepy SBL every Friday night, don’t be a Bashful SBL now…admit it!  This leaves Doc SBL, the leader of the Dwarfs who sorts the diamonds the others have mined.  Doc is a diamond geezer – wonderful, helpful and reliable, a gem of a person. I raise my gin glass to all you Doc SBLs and wish you and your schools a successful and happy Term 5.

Helen Burge, SBL, St Anne’s Church Academylime-club-soda-drink-cocktail.jpg


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