Well being

And now, the end is near.

This morning I found myself humming “My Way” by Frank Sinatra, I was going over and over the first couple of lines “And now, the end is near, And so I face the final curtain…” So, I googled the lyrics and blimey it’s a bit dark.  I suggest if you are bit melancholy don’t listen to it.  I’ve no doubt the subconscious part of my brain was trying to highlight for me in case my conscious part of my brain had missed it, that this week is the last week of term 6 and for term time only staff the 2017-18 academic year.

Of course, I know it’s the end of term, I’m certain.  The academic year has been full – Expanded Nursery from 28 to 68 setting – September, Ofsted – October, Academy conversion – April, Catering in house – April, 150th year celebrations – July.  The path we have travelled has certainly been incredibly busy and challenging.  There are a few regrets, not many and I’ve promised myself I will learn from them.  You could argue we bit of more than we could chew, but as I’ve written before we hadn’t planned to take the catering in house and who knows precisely when Ofsted is going to turn up?  Looking back sometimes it felt like I was ate up and spat out, but now I can stand tall and be proud of the school’s achievements.  There have been some massive highs and laughs as well as feeling my eyes burn with at times unshed tears of frustration. I’m also rather hopeful that peaking behind the curtain and looking ahead to the 2018-19 academic year, that it will involve good challenges, who after all wants to do routine all the time?

One thing is for sure, I didn’t do it on my own.  I am so fortunate and grateful to be part of an amazing and supportive St Anne’s crew – you guys rock! There is also the support from #SBLTwitter – you guys also rock! To have all this support available at the touch of a button on my phone is FANTASTIC!

No doubt one of you has started listening to “My Way” by now, so may I suggest some alternatives for you to spotify and enjoy, maybe create your own end of term playlist and give yourself a boost as your travel to and from work.  Here is my personal uplifting playlist, which I will enjoy singing along to on my commute to work this week:

Elbow – One Day Like This

Coldplay – A sky full of stars

David Bowie – Heroes

Electric Light Orchestra – Mr Blue Sky

Muse – Neutron Star Collision

Take That – Greatest Day

Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars

Take That – Rule the World

So now the end is near have an amazing last week of Term 6 everyone, be awesome, dig deep into your reserves to keep the smile on your face and be the best version of yourself.  And if you get chance (!) take some time to reflect on your highway and record your successes before you forget them.

Helen Burge

Academy Business Leader

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