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January Headteacher blog – #oneword2019

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Having not touched my computer since school finished on the 21st December I have literally just realised that I challenged myself to write a monthly blog. It is the 1st January tomorrow. Knowing myself (and the friends I am about to spend the evening ahead with) as I do, I feel that I may not feel inclined to write one tomorrow so here goes…

I love words. I love the sound of them, I love learning new words and I love remembering the words my children used when they were little. Hippohopamus is still one of my favourites.  It is probably why the concept of #oneword2019 really appeals. When asked, I chose the first word that came into my head. Hope. I am eternally hopeful and am grateful that this is my natural state. In the Hunger Games the quote “Hope is stronger than fear” has always resonated. My Dad, who sadly died 16 years ago on Christmas day, always saw the best in people and one of my ways to remember him is for me to do the same. I aim to always see the best in people too and hope that I am right! Therefore hope is going to be my word of 2019.

When I asked my school community for theirs, I have had some great responses. Positivity from someone who radiates this like a ready brek glow, tolerance from another (I look forward to hearing more!), Contentment and hygge from 2 others. Hygee is a great concept and I am now getting ready for New Year’s Eve with best friends whom I know will make me laugh endlessly whilst happily wearing my slippers; definitely a warm, fuzzy, cosy way to end the year.

I am trying to think of the word that would best describe my 2018 and the first word I came up with is ‘bonkers’. School and home life are hectic. They really are bonkers. I needed term to end in December, to stop and spend time with friends and family. Now 10 days on, I feel relaxed, content and almost ready to get going again. 2018 was a good year both personally and professionally. To be honest, as the year draws to a close, my reflections are generally positive and I am happy.

One night of bonkers 2018 to go and I am hopeful that 2019 will also be great if a little bonkers at times too. I hope yours is everything you want it to be.

1 thought on “January Headteacher blog – #oneword2019”

  1. Hope is a good word and one I think I will use a lot this year. Lots of changes ahead for everyone with most hoping we end up at the end in a better place than we started.

    So with this in mind I will use the word RESILENCE.

    This is not because of the work I do but more from a personal perspective.

    Being more resilient to change as an individual I think can help cast who you want to be, helping you have strength to understand better why things around you must change and how you can have an effect on shaping things rather than spending endless energy fighting it.


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