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Ask why?

At the end of a day of interviewing last Friday I asked one of our candidates a fairly standard interview penultimate question. “We have asked you lots of questions this afternoon, is there anything you would like to ask us?” He opened his notepad and had a list. I liked that. Interviewing is as much about him liking our school as us liking him. I think that people who have come into an interview prepared by having visited the school, looked in depth at our website and with the desire to ask us questions are the types of teacher we want. We employed him.

Earlier in the process, we had asked what the candidates had read recently that really resonated with them.  The candidate in question had discussed the writing of Simon Sinek. He explained the impact that his books had upon his teaching. One of his questions for us at the end of the interview returned to Simon Sinek and he asked what our school ‘why’ was. Why would someone want to send their children to our school and why would someone want to work at our school?

I answered it and it has continued to make me think since. As a school we have asked ourselves this question a few times over the last few years and I think we have clarity over our school why. Our ethos of ‘learn to love…love to learn’ is widely shared and understood by all. It can be ‘felt’ as you wander through the schooland as you talk to people associated with us. It’s a great school full of great individuals. But what about personally? What is my why? What gets me out of bed every morning and keeps me smiling?

In no particular order…

1. My job. As a head teacher, I really do think that I have the best job ever. I loved teaching and now I love headship. I love the fact that I really do feel that I am making a positive difference in my school and in my Trust. I feel valued by the people I spend my days with and I like that feeling. Enjoying my job is incredibly important to me and always has been.
2. My children. As a Mum, I am incredibly blessed to have 4 gorgeous children. As I have said in previous blogs life isn’t always easy as I live with 4 opinionated, strong willed children who I wouldn’t change for the world. They make me smile and they make me proud.
3. My husband. As a wife I have a lovely husband who really is my best friend. I like spending time with him. Simples!
4. My friends. As me, I have lots of brilliant friends who make me laugh, wipe away my tears when necessary and are with me through thick and thin. Some I see daily, weekly, monthly others far less often but they are equally important. 

So overall I think my why do I do what I do?’ really is simple. I like it! My advice to others? Find a life you like and work hard at every part of it so that you can dance in the rain knowing that one day the sun will come back out. Enjoy the now, as you never know what is round the corner. Also if there is a part you don’t like-change it. Be brave. We only walk this path of life once-make it the best walk ever.


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