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Thoughts from the Aegean – Part One

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Over the summer I spent the most amazing morning which again made me really realise why I love my job. It’s all about learning. I love learning. Simple. 
It was the middle of August ( nope – not the only reason I love my job) and I was sat on a beautiful beach watching my two youngest children learn to windsurf. At 10am when we wandered over to the shack disturbing the young lads eating their minestrone soup for breakfast (really?), my two knew nothing about windsurfing. Within an hour they had mastered standing on a board, pulling up the sail, travelling across the ocean (albeit a relatively small part of it) and being able to turn and come back the other way. Quite a lot of learning in 60 minutes. The approximate length of a lesson in our schools. How did they learn so much and why did it make me once again realise how much I love my job? Firstly, they learnt so much because they were taught really well. It was simple:

  1. Standing on the shore having the theory of how it works explained to them. (knowledge)
  2. Being on the water, trying, failing,trying, failing, trying, succeeding, failing (repeated practice)
  3. They were coached throughout with small adjustments being made. Move your left foot forward, keep your arms straight, stand up tall etc. (feedback)

As a result of this at the end of the hour they could windsurf (of a fashion) and booked to return again the next day desperate to learn more. I spent the whole hour “observing the lesson” and again fell in love with learning and with teaching. It is so very simple and such a craft when done well. Last year we focused upon doing less better. My message for this year- keep it simple. As September beckons, I want to keep hold of that feeling and embrace the rewards and the challenges that the year ahead will bring. I also want to remember my long, hazy days of summer with my beautiful family. Two more great reasons to love my job. Have a great year everyone.

Lisa Dadds

Headteacher – St Anne’s Church Academy

#keepitsimple #lovetolearn

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