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Thoughts from the Aegean – Part Two

Photo by Waldemar Brandt on Pexels.com

The first day I watched my children learn to windsurf I was mesmerised by the simplicity of the learning process. They went from zero knowledge to ‘not that bad’ really quickly. They both left enthused and raring to go again the next day.
As the next blue skied day (well the next day actually as we didn’t see a cloud) dawned my youngest was a little nervous about lesson number two. “I really don’t want to go too far off shore. “
I reassured him that it was only day two and even if they did venture further afield the boat would stay close by and he would be safe. 
How wrong was I?
Within 5 minutes of arriving, he was heading out on a speed boat dragging his board alongside. Within 7 minutes, he was alone, very much a novice, a long way from shore with the boat returning to land.
I went from admiring the learning process yesterday to Mummy Tiger. I was walking up and down the beach not letting my eyes leave his little yellow sail. My tummy was churning and I felt really cross with the quality of instruction. How was he going to cope out there on his own? What were they thinking? Was he ok? Being very British I obviously said nothing yet inwardly seethed with concern about my baby. (I’m not really sure that being 12 constitutes being a baby but I was in tiger mode!)
Over the hour his teacher joined him and they happily pottered back and forth across the bay only stopping when my little one crashed into a stationary yacht!
When he returned to shore buzzing with excitement, full of self confidence about his achievements and sporting a big grin; I swallowed my worries and gave him a big hug.
It made me think. Being a parent is really tough. Entrusting your loved and cherished little people to others is really difficult. It takes trust, patience and the ability to wait and see rather than wading in all guns blazing. Sometimes our Mummy Tiger tendencies can blinker us. 
It made me think of our school. My plea to our teaching crew this year is to ‘keep it simple’. My plea to our families- ‘please trust us’. 
We always try to do the right thing and are genuinely happy to talk to you if you are concerned about anything. Teachers are as human as parents and we all sometimes get it wrong. Just remember that in both roles we try our best and we love our little people. 
So for those whose little people are starting school this year and for those returning …please trust us.
We promise that we will help them learn to love and love to learn. 
Lisa Dadds Headteacher – St Anne’s Church Academy

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