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Last (Headteacher) blog of the year

6 years ago this week, I was celebrating being appointed to my first headship. What a magical 6 years it has been. Together with a great team we have built another campus, created a Nursery, established our own catering crew and joined a Multi- Academy Trust. More importantly we have created a wonderful learning environment for children and adults alike. It’s been fun!

For me, applying for headship wasn’t an easy decision. I loved being a classroom teacher. I loved the relationships I had with the children in my class and their parents. Once appointed, I decided that I would do a year of headship and if I hated it I would happily go back to class teaching- the best job in the world.

6 years in and I really haven’t hated it- in fact I love it as much (maybe even more?) than I loved being a class teacher. I love working with a wider group of teachers and children of all ages. I love the relationships I have with families based on the shared understanding that the children really are at the heart of everything we do. I haven’t loved every day for 6 years – that would be stretching it! There have been huge moments of insecurity, doubt and I’ve got things wrong. If I was starting again would I do things differently? Some – yes but then hindsight is a wonderful thing and being a Head has certainly been a huge unending learning curve. The role is really hard and yet I truly now think it is the best job in the world.

At the end of this Christmas term I am passing on the baton (on a temporary basis for the rest of this academic year) and stepping into a new role. I feel a bit like I did 6 years ago; excited, apprehensive but most of all optimistic. I feel hugely positive about the difference I think I can make whilst also knowing that there is a lot I have to learn. Imposter syndrome (or is it humility?) is on the rampage. The same knowledge that I had before, whereby if I don’t love it (or they don’t love me) I can go back to doing a job I know I love. How lucky is that?

I am truly blessed to have chosen a career path that I truly enjoy. I was reminded from a blog written today by @LeadingLearner that early on in my headship I shared and it really is worth watching. 

I have certainly had a lot of lollipop moments over the last 6 years and in the 20ish years before that too. Teaching is tough. Headship is tough. I’m sure my next role will be tough too. But it’s worth it for the difference that we all make to people’s lives, every single day, often without even knowing it.

 Happy Christmas 2019 and good luck with making 2020 the best year ever.

Lisa Dadds


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